Marketing for Chiropractors Infographic

Digital Marketing Can Make or Break Your Chiropractic Practice

Can patients find you when they search online?

This can be a hard question to answer. When people search online, there are hundreds of approaches they can take to make that happen.

Did they search on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone?

Which search engine did they use (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yelp)?

And when they searched specific keywords related to chiropractic, were you one of the first organic results that appeared? Did you have ads in place to increase your chances of connecting with those new patients?

Truth is, we all know that marketing online is important to the growth of a chiropractic practice. Many traditional forms of interruption advertising (Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines) are dying (or dead) and your practice is experiencing the effects.

The challenge is to sort through all the hype, all the tactics, and all the noise, so that you can focus on what’s truly going to move the needle in your chiropractic practice this year instead of just settling for some feel good feeling that you “did Facebook” or “did a website” but have seen essentially no return on your investment.

What Digital Marketing Channels are Best for You?

A recent study (as seen in the infographic) shows that while word of mouth is still a powerful medium, patients are increasingly turning to online channels to look for chiropractors and chiropractic services.

In this particular study from Spine Health, 55% of patients said they used online resources to find and evaluate chiropractors. And of those 55% who use online resources, 44% used at least two online resources and 15% used three or more online resources.

Your competitors (or “friendly peers in your community,” if you prefer 🙂  ) are ramping up their digital marketing efforts.

Chiropractors who engage in more marketing activities can typically reach new patients better than those chiropractors using very few methods. This is not to say to use as many tactics for promoting your practice as possible, but it does indicate that a multi-faceted, strategic approach will provide the best results for your business.

The same study showed that the majority of chiropractors execute multiple online marketing activities to reach out to patients. In the study, 59% of chiropractors use more than 5 activities, 25% us 3-4 activities, and 16% use 1-2 activities.

Some of the top activities cited were website marketing, Facebook (both social marketing and advertising), email marketing, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, and Twitter.

Which marketing activities are the most effective for local service professionals like chiropractors?

How do you get a proven system for generating a consistent flow of high-value clients coming in your door month to month?

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