biggest website mistake

There aren’t as many things to focus on and worry about with your website as you think.

If I told you that 20% of what you can do on your website can give you 80% of the results, would you believe me?

It’s true. It’s called the “Pareto Principle.”

And when you understand there are core actions you can take on your website that will give you the greatest results, the next question becomes, “So what is the winning 20%?”

Good question… I’m glad you asked!

The video I’m about to share with you isn’t the full 20% of what you should focus on with your business website, but it’s definitely in the top 20% and it’s definitely a multiplier of everything else in the top 20%. You’ll see what I mean in the video.

Click here for 7 minutes and 34 seconds of video goodness that will help you identify a common HUGE mistake made by most businesses and show you how to multiply your ROI. Show me how!

Michael Szapkiw

Head Dude @ Zappy Go Lucky at Zappy Go Lucky
I create digital marketing to generate new clients for local service professionals.